Competitive Edge

TDL can create more value for customers with the below-mentioned competitive edge:

Detention Buyout. Generally speaking,the container demurrage and detention is a major factor that easily consumes the profit of many importers, especially in some countries where long-distance trucking is needed or customs clearance is complicated. It’s often seen that an importer is shocked by a detention bill which is as high as USD3,000 while his/her cargo is stuck somewhere a little longer than usual. TDL can save importers from such unexpected losses with its Detention Buyout policy. Once importers notice their containers may have incurred huge detention charges, they can approach TDL to buy out the detention, which is fixed at USD1,000/20’ and USD1,200/40’&40’HC,which means their loss won’t skyrocket on daily basis. By buying out the detention, customers need to buy out the TDL containers as well at market price of used containers and the TDL containers automatically become the assets of the importers (Attention:A.In some countries local container sales is prohibited.TDL can offer an alternative in such countries. B.On some trade lanes TDL uses liners’ COC too and for COC shipments, detention buyout isn’t applicable.).

Free days. Most liners allow only 7-10 days of free usage of their containers either at the origin or at the destination. Many exporters and importers require extra free days in order to lower their costs in case of any unexpected delay. TDL is flexible in free days and please feel free to consult by sending us emails for more information.

ZERO freight on some trade lanes. Typically for the import shipments to China, TDL is charging market-best ZERO freight, which will greatly reduce the transportation costs of importers. At the same time, TDL charges same levels of local charges as major liners and no hidden costs exist.

All-in-one solution to/from land-locked countries. Most liners operate only on the sea and their services cease at seaports. However, TDL is dedicated to expand its services further into land-locked countries such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. TDL is one of the few companies which can offer several routes to/from such land-locked countries with its all-in-one service packages, which means customers don’t have to coordinate with various logistics suppliers in order to bring their cargo in or out of such countries. For example, TDL is handling shipments all the way from Karachi of Pakistan to Almaty of Kazakhstan via Qingdao of China and both sea services and rail services are involved in such cases.